Latest Briefings

01.02.07 Updated Agent Rankings with new members. Welcome to Legion Extreme!

11.26.06 Upated Agent Rankings. Added Ravensfall to the Agent Ranking List.

11.6.06 Upated Agent Rankings. Added Death Wielder to the Agent Ranking List.

10.17.06 Added Chance, Facade, Ultimax, Resurrection and Laine Chiyoko.

10.15.06 Added Diana Hunter to rankings. Congratulations to Capshot for being Top Agent for October 2006!

10.3.06 Added Ops Overview and Briefings sections. Also added Dreambug Productions to the Contacts section.

9.29.06 Welcome to the NEW Legion Extreme website. Still to come, personalized agent access and Legion Gear store! Also, the Database section is still being worked on - History, World Map and Equipment are still under development.

9.23.06 Welcome Icy Wench, Setzard, Capshot, Madwyn and Eireya Sabyre to Legion Extreme! Also, welcome back Cody from his long vacation.

9.23.06 Congratulations to Dark Armada and Lancer for reaching security level 50.
Capshot is October 2006 Top Agent! His contributions to Legion Extreme have been extraordinary. Over the past month he as not only gained Legion Extreme thousands of prestige, he has gone out of his way find the beacons for the base teleporters, risking debt time and time again traveling throughout Paragon City! For his effort he has been upgraded to Red Agent status. Outstanding Job!
Dark times are on the horizon and Legion Extreme is recruiting agents to confront these dangers.

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