About Agent Attributes

Physical: Strength, Endurance and Toughness
Skill: Dexterity, Fighting Ability and Reflexes
Mental: Intelligence, Wisdom and Intuition
Energy: Mystical, Internal or Psionic Power

About Ranks

1 Underdeveloped
: Infants, children, elderly
This level of ability covers mostly anything in general that is weak or because of an accident, crippling.

2 Normal: Teenagers, adults
This is everyday people that are not all that special, but still make the world go round, doctors, police officers, lawyers, typical people living typical lives

3 Trained: Olympic competitors, Special Forces
This falls into the category of martial arts training, physical toughening, and rugged feats of strength and or agility.

4 Pinnicle: Maximum human ability
This is the maximum potential that a human can achieve as far as the real world is concerned, these people might be at their limit but have yet to unlock any mysteries of the human body and mind.

5 Enhanced: More than human
This is ether a freak accident, natural mutation, or bionic enhancement that caused this person to be more than human, or they have unlocked such potential that they seem to be more than human.

6 Astounding: Beings of great power
These level of people have a high apex of limitation. They are sometimes your more than normal “superhuman” or are in command of powers that make them seem like more than they are.

7 Amazing: Beings of vast power
These beings are defined as overly powerful, ether in powers, fighting ability, strength, or mental capacity. Some of these level of beings can inflict massive collateral damage if they used their abilities recklessly.

8 Unbelievable: God-like beings
These characters abilities make most normal superbeings pale in comparison. They can shatter mountains with a single blow, lift aircraft carriers over their heads and survive a direct hit from a one mega-ton nuclear device.

9 Cosmic: Cosmic level beings
At this level of power these beings power is nearly infinite. They push planets out of orbit, survive being tossed into a black hole, and can dive into the center of the sun with no ill effects.

10 Infinite: Undefined levels of power
There is practically no beings that can obtain this level of ability unless they were a true universal force of nature. These beings manipulate reality with a thought, rearrange galaxies, and have near omnipotency.

About Icons

X - Legion Extreme Main Agent
C - City of Heroes Only Agent
R - Table Top Roleplaying Agent

Black Agent
Red Agent
Blue Agent
Green Agent

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