Bradley Preston was a very talented young doctor, right out of medical school he was recognized as a very skilled surgeon. In truth Bradley was a mutant with the power to analyze anatomy and heal wounds even if they seemed fatal. Though he was much respected he would make some powerful enemies. It happened on the night the ambulance brought in Howard Torvelli a mobster that was set to testify against a powerful crime boss. Torvelli was on the brink of death and even flatlined but Bradley brought him back even after all the initial resuscitation failed. The crime boss was furious and ordered his hit men to kill the doctor. On a stormy night the hitmen came and kidnapped the doctor from his home and threw him down an industrial fan shaft. That should have been the end of Bradley Preston, but his mutant power to heal would not let it be the end. When Bradley woke up he found that he was horribly stitched back together, his own mangled body and even amputated parts had somehow put themselves back together. Realizing he no longer would be able to appear in public he was taken under the wing of Legion Extreme as their resident medical advisor.

Special Abilities
Bio has the ability to diagnose and treat any normal medical conditions that may occur, such as the common cold, flu, even pneumonia. And then there is the uncommon aliments he can treat such as gunshot wound, cuts from a knife, even amputated limbs. Bio’s body having mutated from his, attempted murder, have given him a few strange new powers. One of the first is his surgical tendrils, which are about half the thickness of a pencil but have ends that are articulate and can grasp small objects and even maintain a grip on wet slippery flesh. Each of his hands can spring forth ten of these tendrils, which he can use to perform surgery that is almost perfectly precise. Also at the end of these tendrils are probes which can secret different types of chemicals, from anesthetics to antibiotics. Lastly Bio has vast knowledge of the human body, and anatomy, and his body if damaged will attempt to heal itself giving Bio a limited form of resurrection and regeneration.

Bio carries with him at all times a medical bag that has a variety of surgical tools and medicines, this only acts to increase his abilities as a Master Doctor.

Height: 6' 3"
Weight: 145 lbs.
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Race: Meta Human
Hair Color: None
Eye Color: Brown
Blood Type: AB+

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