Once Melissa was a normal everyday young woman, struggling to make ends meat, that was before her incredible powers kicked in. Melissa on her twentyfirst birthday started experiencing incredible luck, she won a car over the radio by being the seventh person calling in. Then she won five hundred thousand dollars at a mini-mart scratch off game. Her luck peaked though, when she was almost robbed, and by amazing coincidence the she beat the robbers with her rudimentry knowledge of hand to hand self defense. After that he luck just kept on growing, from extraordinary everyday luck, to avoiding fatal accidents. Melissa would soon challenge her abilities of luck, purposely getting into situations that were dangerous and emerging from such situations unscathed or with very little injury. She soon joined Legion Extreme though knowing that her powers over probability were needed in a time of such chaos and uncertinty.

Special Abilities
Chance as she is now known has the ability to alter luck, eather in her favor or in the favor of others she wishes to assist, or turn luck agaisnt her opponents. This works as a reflex action, but Chance can invoke her powers conciously as well. Such luck is normally mundane, but there have been such situations where she has been fighting a foe much more powerful than her, then lightning would strike them, not once but twice before they were hit by a truck. Chance has also walked through fire, avoided buckshot, and even tripped once avoiding a sniper shot. Her luck is most incredible and when she wills her powers to work the events that can take place are truely miraculous. Chance has also since her powr emerged taken a type of formal martial arts and specializes in the use of a pair of chinese butterfly knives.

Chance is usually armed with a pair of elenium chinese forged butterfly knives that she can weild florentine, or toss with uncanny precision.

Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 125 lbs.
Age: 32
Gender: Female
Race: Meta Meta Human
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Blue
Blood Type: AB+

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