Cody Robertson

Cody is that psychotic survivalist that your glad to have on your team. Hailing from a checkered past of the criminal underworld, scientific researching, as well as an enlightened pit fighter, Cody was one of those renegades that became a hero. After the emergence of CR-Tech, and the United Councils decision to infiltrate the world wide operation under suspicion of illegal practices. Cody obtained a very odd, yet useful, item from them, the symbiotic synthetic organism that he named the “Death-Con”. After learning how to manipulate it’s abilities Cody found he was able to use it to further his end. In the long run he decided to use the abilities of the Death-con to assist in the foundation and further peacekeeping operations of the United Council.

Special Abilities
Cody is an accomplished pit fighter, known to use the style of Thai Kickboxing to devastating results. When Cody wills the Death-Con to enhance him, it forms a protective shell over Cody that becomes hard enough to withstand a direct hit from a tank shell, yet retains it’s flexibility enough that Cody can perform multiple backflips. The Death-Con also greatly magnifies Cody’s strength and endurance as well as his speed and reflexes. On top of that the Death-Con has it’s own set of defensive and offensive measures, the first being that it can form sharp stabbing or slicing objects out of nearly any part of it’s being. This usually comes in the form of elbow and knee blades which is a boon for Cody in combat. Among other things in the Death-con’s arsenal, polymer impact blasts, full environmental protection, a kinetic amplifier and dampener, massive resistance to fire and cold, and the ability to limited shape shifting and active camouflage. The potential of the Death-Con is unknown, but it has on occasion exhibited unusual abilities that were unaware to Cody, such as Defensive Options that float around like shields, a sonic emission scream that can liquefy three feet thick steel, and various modes of transportation, glider wings, crawling on walls, and dashing at speeds in excess of 400 miles per hour.

His perferred type of melee weapon is a cestus gauntlet, a type of spike serrated glove with twin blades protruding from the forearm area. Cody is also partial to his pet project, the Saturn XT Duel Beam Pulse Cannon, a weapon with such a destructive scope that Cody will use it very sparingly. It has been known to malfunction from time to time, shutting down randomly, not charging properly, or shorting out. Cody keeps refining and improving the Cannon. The current version, Mark XXI, is able to punch a hole through a building, as well as shooting a shower of Ionizing protons that can obliterate a tank.

Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 220 lbs.
Age: 35
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Blood Type: O+

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