Cromar is the only known survivor of his planet (His planets name is unpronounceable in the human tongue) from which he was sent as an ambassador, to form bonds with earth. From what Cromar could gather, after his hyperspace sleep, was his entire race was wiped out by a great calamity. Cromar has now deemed Earth his new home in most of it’s similarities to his world make him feel comfortable. Cromar’s pacifistic nature, enlightened sense of wisdom, and superior mental abilities make him a great boon and addition to Legion Extreme.

Special Abilities
Cromar is a psychic on a level that has never been cataloged before. Cromar has exhibited the ability to read peoples minds as well as telepathically talk to others, he also has a mental block in place that prevents him from going insane from hearing the thoughts of others around him all the time. Cromar chooses when to listen, and what to listen to, whenever he wishes. Not even seasoned psychics who have their own mind block cannot withstand a mental probe from Cromar his skills far surpass any human psychic. Cromar has also displayed the ability to move objects with his mind, what we call telekinesis, yet Cromar can lift things way beyond the scope of any normal telekinetic. Battleships, aircraft carriers, even spaceships, all are just toys to Cromar’s metal might. Cromar also has made telekinetic force fields, has levitated himself to fly effortlessly, and has agitated the molecules within objects to cause them to spontaneously combust. Cromar also has limited precognition and postcognition, he can see events before they happen within ten minutes of them occurring, or can see events in the past that occurred up to three hours ago. He can also enter the astral plane and has limited clairvoyance pertaining to his immediate area of twenty feet.

Cromar has a few alien devices at his disposal, the first of which is a pair of batons which Cromar calls stun rods. These rods have an effective range of twenty feet and can send out a beam which overloads the targets nuro-system. These rods when used together can even stun such beings as Titanius. Cromar also wears alien robes which are made out an unknown material that provide him with a limited form of body armor that is the equivalent of five times the tensile strength of carbon steel. His last device is a holographic projector that makes him look like a human. This device can run for three days before the power unit in the device must recharge, but it grants Cromar the ability to walk around in public without being noticed as definitively alien.

Height: 5' 3"
Weight: 100 lbs.
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Race: Alien (Altarian)
Hair Color: None
Eye Color: Brown
Blood Type: AB+

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