Dark Armada

Victor Meher was a gypsy boy that grew up fascinated by stories of World War II, on a single trip to an old German army site he stumbled upon a sunk in bunker, thinking he was hopelessly trapped he wandered further into the bunker. That is when the nine year old Victor stumbled upon what seemed like a Nazi death ceremony chamber. Something called from the darkness and he wandered closer. A box that had been sealed cracked open and suddenly Victor found himself enshrouded by dark energy. That dark energy transformed the boy into a monstrous beast that broke free of the bunker and roamed the countryside slaying everything living. Finally after fifteen years Victor was able to regain control of that dark force and he harnessed it into superhuman regenerative abilities as well as negative energy fighting abilities. Victor knew he had to atone for his years of berserk carnage, he now formed the energy around him and where once stood Victor Meher, now stood Dark Armada.

Special Abilities
Victor has nearly unsurpassed regenerative abilities, he has been impaled through the chest, nearly cut in half, and has had a particle beam burn a hole through his stomach only to heal his wounds in seconds. From all those years of being the Dark Beast has also made Victor’s mind a closed book to most psychics, it is difficult to read Victor’s thoughts as he struggles to keep the beast in check. His powers over the dark forces are limited but potent, his strength is unnaturally increased and his punches sheathed in dark energy can devastate his opponents, he can even siphon the energy from the souls of his opponents making his powers more potent. He also seems to have a vast store of negative energy powering his body.

Victor carries hardly any personal equipment save for his special made focusing gloves which help him regulate the flow of dark energy he can direct. These gloves were retrieved from the original site of his Dark Beast transformation. Obviously the people who created the gloves were trying to use them to conduct dark energy to fuel their rituals.

Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 195 lbs.
Age: 67
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Green
Blood Type: Unknown

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