Divine Lyte

Lyte Peterson was born human, but Ta'razol the Kheldian only saw a potential host. Ta'razol visited the sleeping child, and bonded with her, staying hidden within her. Ta'razol watched the child mature into adulthood, and then one night in a dream revealed to her that it was present within. At first Lyte was fearful, she was after all possessed by an alien, however she found that Ta'razol was willing to let Lyte use and focus it's power using her body as a nexus. This Lyte Peterson became Divine Lyte. She has since teamed up with a Nictus heroine named Dark Divine and togeather they make a very formidible team.

Special Abilities
Lyte is your typical fused human Peacebringer. Able to project powerful blasts of photon energy as well as fly and shift forms at will. Typically Lyte will often let Ta'razol take over in a shifted Kheldian form since Ta'razol is much more adept at using that form than Lyte, but Lyte can channel and focus her powers more accurately in human form.


Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 125 lbs.
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Race: Kheldian
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Blood Type: AB+

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