Joshua Draven was always good at stealing, and he made it his business to know trade secrets, and selling those secrets gave him money for all his needs. He became one of the top industrial spies, with a varied mix of mercenary skills, cardsharp, pickpocket, sniper, smuggler, Joshua became adept in everything he did. He even used some of the stolen secrets to give himself “the edge” over other would be competitors. It seemed that luck was on his side, however his luck would soon be matched, Joshua ran into an undercover Legion Extreme operative code named “Chance”. It was then that he found himself outmatched, by this woman who had the most spectacular sparks of luck shine down upon her. Chance was able to capture Joshua, but realizing that, Joshua also had someone looking down favorably on him turned him into Legion Extreme instead of incarcerating him. Now he is forced to work for Legion Extreme, hopefully this is a stroke of good luck for him.

Special Abilities
Due to some stolen secrets Joshua has the ability to regenerate at a rapid rate, he has had a shotgun blast clean through his stomach, yet it healed up in minutes, since his enhancement he also has never gotten a cold or the flu, or suffered from any type of poisoning. Also it seems that Joshua has a limited type of “rabbit’s foot” that he can sometimes invoke at will, this has shown as he has dodged multiple automated turrets, backflipped through laser hallways, and other astounding feats. Joshua is also adept with many types of ranged modern weapons as well as a handful of ancient weapons, but he is a deadly expert with a pair of pistols or a sniper rifle.

For personal defense Joshua carries a set of special energy pistols which are a cross between a gattling gun and a laser pistol. These pistols have a very limited range but have enough firepower to turn a car into swish cheese. Along with this, he carries for long range assault, a customized laser sniper rifle that can reach distances of over three miles and has variable settings, for different situations. The rile scope works in tandem with the rifle able to scan a target for weaknesses and strike at the most vulnerable areas. The last of Joshua’s items is a peculiar little thing, it’s for lack of better words a living wire, approximately twenty feet in length, it winds itself around Joshua’s arm and he can use it for a host of different things, this living wire can worm its way under doors, and by a bio link can let Joshua “see” into a room, it can also squirm through openings such as keyholes, and allows him to look around corners. This wire also is constantly peeking around from Joshua’s sleeve, this means that it is very difficult to blindside him. He can also use the wire to lasso objects, or to strangle an opponent, the wire can even detach from Joshua and snake around on it’s own, but will not move more than fifty feet from Joshua. This wire has the strength of steel, but if it is cut, it can reform back together.

Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 180 lbs.
Age: 36
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Blood Type: O+

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