Eireya Sabre

Reya was always the odd girl in her family, although a family that practiced magic is odd enough Reya never really had that much potential to cast magic, unlike her cousin Krystra. However fate one day would intervine as Reya was attending a Renissance Fair, having fun and dressing up in armor, and getting the feel of ancient weapons was of course very fun to the young girl, that was until it began to suddenly storm hard. The people rushed to crowd under one tent, yet in the process a little girl was getting trampled, and with a broken ankle was unable to run to safety. Huddling under a tree crying the girl was vulnerable, and Reya in a very heroic gesture ran out to bring the child back to safety. Unfortunately Reya was still wearing a suit of armor and carrying an ancient battle axe which only served to attract a large bolt of lightning to her. Reya got struck by the bolt of lightning, and was unconcious for only five minutes, but when she awoke Reya was no longer her normal self. She was now Eireya,set with a delusion that she was a mighty medieval amazon, she picked up the battle axe laying next to her and walked off, a person of ancient methods in a world of high technology.

Special Abilities
Eireya's accident has actually awakened some of her magical abilities, one among them is to increase her physical strength, and toughness to impressive levels. This allows her to deliver devestating strikes with her axe as well as shrug off some street level weapondry like knives and small calibur bullets. Since in her mind she believes she is a expert with a battle axe she weilds it such, not much with grace but with fearsome force.

Eireya carries a medieval type battle axe that she hones to razor sharpness with a whet stone, she also is clad in a suit of medieval type armor. However these simple items are also magically enchanted by Eireya. In her subconcious both axe and armor are surrounded with a sort of energy field making the axe seem nearly unbreakable and the armor seeming ten times tougher than normal.

Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 130 lbs.
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Green
Blood Type: B-

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