Epoch is not really the true name of this mysterious person, most of his past has been forgotten. Yet he remembers specific facts about his life. Epoch might as well be the oldest living person on the planet, being originally of Athagorian blood, as well, means that his true age is indeterminable. However he does have explicit knowledge of almost every cultural Pantheon from the beginning of time. Epoch’s expertise lay not within his fighting skills which is exceptional and possibly enhanced by his knowledge of magic, but his actual abilities lay, in the magic that surrounds the mysteries of life and death. Now he once more feels the pull of life and death struggles getting closer, sensing the past about to be repeated, drawing him in closer as the dawn of a new age approaches.

Special Abilities
Epoch’s fighting ability as a warrior is exceptional, and indeed is enhanced by magic. His strength and speed are bolstered by dimensional power, which he draws upon from beings that he claims are the one true Pantheon. However he dares not voice who they are. In his hands any weapon turns deadly, and evil beings tend to cringe from him if they are less powerful, not even daring to team up to attempt a fight. Epoch also has, from the beginning of time, been able to harvest and manipulate life and death energy. He often has been the template for many necromancer arch-types. Able to summon up undead beings to do his bidding, as well as piece together an allies broken body. This makes Epoch a very great asset to any group. Epoch also has a very good grasp of technology, and how some of the more complex types of Earth machines work.

Epoch wields a Rune Scimitar which is actually a soul in the shape of a weapon. This weapon is nearly indestructible, and has special abilities bestowed upon it that only Epoch is privileged to know about and use. He also carries a staff of skeletal summoning. Using this staff which he personally made, he can summon up a small army of skeletal warriors to fight along side him. The staff is also imbued with a invulnerability spell, making Epoch able to use it to block incoming melee attacks without damaging the staff.

Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 170 lbs.
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Race: Human (Athagorian)
Hair Color: Grey
Eye Color: Brown
Blood Type: O+

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