Facade learned of his/her powers at a very young age of eight, when Facade was playing make believe he/she changed into what he/she was pretending to be. After that Facade had a multitude of various occupations and identities. Finally though Facade joined up with Legion Extreme after avoid every single agency that had tried to get ahold of him/her for the purpose of espionage. Choosing Legion Extreme because of thier pro-Meta Human views.

Special Abilities
Facade can change size, shape, height, age, even gender, this makes Facade nearly untracable, able to take any form, even able to change clothes on a whim. Facade can even physically enhance himself/herself increasing strength and agility, even forming natural body weapons like claws or even a stinging combat tail. Facade has even made wings, to fly or climbing pads to scale walls. Facade is Legion Extreme's premier contact able to blend in inconspicuously with a crowd or at least make himself/herself seem harmless.


Height: Variable
Weight: Variable
Age: Unknown
Gender: Variable
Race: Meta Human
Hair Color: Variable
Eye Color: Variable
Blood Type: Unknown

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