Keith Carter used to be a Major league baseball pitcher but after a car accident, which mangled his arms, it was doubtful he would ever play baseball again. Then he was approached by a representative from CR-Tech offering to help. They would give him new experimental cybernetic prosthetic arms, and a reinforced spine so that he could once again step onto the pitchers mound. How could he refuse such an offer? Keith agreed and three months later he found himself on a CR-Tech operating table, only they had no intention of letting him play baseball again. They wanted to turn him into a cyborg weapon! Keith woke up with two cybernetic arms and a host of other modifications to his body that were not on the contract. The same representative now told Keith that he belonged to CR-Tech, but Keith now Codename Fastball, broke out and sought help from the one place that would give him shelter Legion Extreme and the United Council.

Special Abilities
Fastball has a set of bionic arms and legs, coupled with a reinforced spine giving him the ability to hurl objects at high velocities. His brain has been enhanced by cyber-components, allowing his cyber-eyes to track and identify fast moving targets in excess of six hundred miles per hour. This is linked to his nervous system allowing his nanite and carbon composite arms, and hands to coordinate to capture high speed objects. Of the known objects Fastball has caught small caliber bullets, arrows, .50 caliber rounds, even buckshot from a shotgun (yes ever single pellet). On top of that Fastball has a system in his arms that dampen inertia allowing whatever he catches to become relatively harmless one it touches his palms. As far as throwing Fastball can use his arms to accelerate any object up to speeds of over four thousand miles per hour. He has hurled paperclips through brick walls, screwdrivers through cars, he’s even hurled lesser objects to the point where they have disintegrated. CR-Tech has also given Fastball a limited form of body armor. This armor is roughly equal to three times the strength of titanium.

Fastball has a belt that when a button is pressed, uses a special liquid that hardens when exposed to air. This belt shapes the liquid into spheres that fastball uses to attack. The dispenser can have up to four spheres in queue, and has enough liquid to produce up to 196 more spheres. Each sphere when hardened becomes like depleted uranium, the belt can produce roughly ten spheres in five seconds. The spheres are dispensed from the sides of the belt. Fastball usually carries two extra cartridges of fluid with him.

Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 200 lbs.
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Race: Cyborg
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Blood Type: AB+

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