Fury is the manifestation of all the rage, and destructive will of Shadow’s soul, he is a killing machine with a desire to destroy life, but unlike just any mindless murderer he has motives and reasoning. He wants to fight strong opponents and to this end has not been disappointed. When he was unleashed by Shadow’s death he sought to take on the form of an undead monster to be personified. But Shadow contained him and spiritually wrestled with Fury till they formed their truce. Shadow and Fury decided to work in cooperation and according to their fate they would one day rejoin into one with only one as the dominant personality.

Special Abilities
Unlike Shadow, Fury is very direct and there is nothing subtle, his powers are all offensive, meant to destroy. Even his protective dark shield seems to leech the life out of his opponents body. Fury also channels his power into wastefully energy attacks. His strikes are always meant to kill and never to injure, if Shadow lets Fury take over then it’s out of desperation when subtlety has failed. Fury will always willingly relinquish control back to Shadow if so asked, mainly because Fury believes that in the end he will be the dominant personality that will gain control of their newly remanifesting body.

Fury carries a variety of weapons that are particular to the ninja trade, however the supply of his equipment seems to be unlimited as he actually summons up the equipment he needs from his spiritual memory, this equipment can be used by Fury only.

Height: 5' 3"
Weight: 135 lbs.
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Race: Supernatural
Hair Color: Unknown
Eye Color: Red
Blood Type: Unknown

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