Gen-zasi is a plant-like creature that hails from deep within the earth. Long ago when Athagor was still part of Earth, the Athagorians, or Atlantians as they were called later at that time. Were looking at drilling to harness geo-energy, and steam, so that they could power thier magnificent technology. Instead they came upon a plant-like race, living in the earths crust. These creatures normally peaceful did not want to be disturbed by such outside interference, and in retaliation beings began a war with the surface world. They were assisted by a powerful entity from which Gen-zasi gained his powers from. however when the surface world was just about to lose the war, miraculous things happened, and because of that Gen-zasi decided that perhapse switching sides would be the best, as such he allied himself with an Athagorian female, and a true titan from the past. Then Athagor vanished, Gen-zasi traveled with his two companions for centuries before he joined Legion Extreme as Genesis.

Special Abilities
Genesis even though very ancient has not lost his touch for magical aptitude. He can still gather, focus, and manipulate magical energy to his whim. With it he can cast a variety of useful “spells” including but not limited to bolstering his own abilities, creating devastating attack spells, and powerful protection spells. Anything that he has seen, or he can think of, can be cast as a spell for him except when it comes to advanced technologies. He can cast in an instant or he can strengthen it by preparing a spell with time. He age much slower than normal it’s impossible to tell his true age. Genesis is also highly skilled with a spear.

The Spear of the Winds, this Spear gives the wielder the ability to command the winds at will. With it genesis can create tornados, fly, stir clouds to darken the sky, even make hot and cold air clash in a single location to call forth lightning. This spear is forged out of Athagorian Adamant and of course is enchanted. Genesis can all the spear to his hands at will, and it will traverse great distances to answer a summons ether by teleportation or by simply flying to Genesis’ hands, it will never meet Genesis spear point first it will always meet him shaft end first. This was a gift to him from Tiana Talos.

Height: 6' 0"
Weight: 160 lbs.
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Race: Unknown
Hair Color: None
Eye Color: Unknown
Blood Type: Unknown

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