There are many legends about Hawaii, but there is about to be a new legend about Hawaii born of the present day. Ikaika thought he was like any normal Hawaiian teenager, surfing, fishing, and diving. Until one day he was approached by a powerful Kahuna (spiritual leader) that had been looking for the “marked” warrior. Ikaika was that person. Ikaika had been born, with what seemed like, tattoos. At first he just through that he gained them at a very young age, but in reality they were mystic markings. The Kahuna released Ikaika’s potential, and Ikaika was engulfed in flames. Yet he did not burn, his strength increased and so did his size. He felt the power in him welling up. Now he had the powers of the volcano itself, he was the Hawaiian. He joined up with Legion Extreme to help them in their fight against CR-Tech that is currently bidding to occupy the sandwich isles.

Special Abilities
Ikaika can generate intense heat, to the point of melting even the strongest of steel. When he has on his volcanic aura, anything within ten feet of him ten to burst into flames, if combustible, and any objects, plastic, metal, asphalt, etc, will begin to melt from the intense heat. Hawaiian controls his aura so he doesn’t automatically burn through the ground. Also Ikaika’s strength is enhanced, he can leap nearly a hundred feet in a single jump, lift dump trucks over his head, and has even tossed five ton boulders over one hundred yards.

His Kahuna has gifted to Hawaiian a enchanted club of Koa with Shark teeth lashed to it, this Club may look primitive but it has powerful magic, it allows Ikaika to cause earthquakes in a fifty foot radius around him as well as use it to attack foes in melee, it’s enchantment makes it impervious to fire and also gives it a high degree of indestructibility.

Height: 8' 0"
Weight: 340 lbs.
Age: 34
Gender: Male
Race: Meta Human
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Blood Type: B-

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