Icy Wench

Icy as she is now called was born Irene Vickman, a child born to a single mother. As Irene grew her mother taught her the ways of Wiccan Magic. At this Irene was adept and learned quickly how manipulate kinetic energy to heal others, or increase their strength, even make them faster and more agile. However nothing could prepare her for what would happen on her twenty first birthday. In celebration she and her mother went hiking up in the mountains, but unforeseen to them a freak storm swept the area making the mountain top chilly and cold. Irene got a very bad case of frostbite and had to be carried down by her mother, who was able to cast a protective barrier before the cold could kill them both. Upon reaching the bottom of the mountain Irene was amazed to find that she was no longer frostbitten. In an unconscious act of self preservation she had used her magic to adapt. This done she could now manipulate the cold, making Ice to stop her opponents cold. Since the local villagers always would call her and her mother a “witch” but with an accent making it sound like “wench” instead, Irene named herself Icy Wench to remind her of her origins and to help her in her resolve to look towards her future.

Special Abilities
Icy Wench has the ability to create formations of ice to suit her needs, since she has a Wiccan upbringing she is more of a pacifist in nature. She will try not to create deadly ice formations if all possible but she will entrap her opponents in ice, or make a slick on the ground to make them slide and fall. Her magical abilities allow her to transfer kinetics, healing wounds by accelerating cell growth, increasing an allies speed, or weakening her opponents by transferring strength to her friends. To this end her other spell like abilities include the power to fly and to recover more rapidly from injury.

Icy Wench carries a charm that was gift from her mother, she uses this charm to form hexes on her opponents.

Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 125 lbs.
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Blue
Blood Type: A+

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