Johnathan "Jaisun" Hathaway

Born into a military family, Jaisun learned anything and everything he could about the Army. At age 18 he joined up with the Army and impressed his superiors so much that he was placed into their Special Operations division. Honing his physical and mental facilities, he gain an officer commission from Westpoint at age 23. Quickly rising to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel, within nine years, and commanding the secretive platoon known as Zulu Squad. Jaisun and his team infiltrated a CR-Tech base, but found that CR-Tech’s equipment was overwhelming. Nearly his entire team wiped out Jaisun was able to acquire a prototype battle armor. Now with help from the government he was able to modify the suit to his own means improving some of it’s already formidable features.

Special Abilities
Jaisun is an excellent hand to hand combatant, an expert with a knife, baton, and most firearms. He has a sharp and strategic military mind, coupled with cunning and natural intuition. Jaisun’s Powered Armor, that he obtained from CR-Tech, is made of a carbon and Nanobot composite which gives it the rough tensile strength ten times that of reinforced titanium. Yet it’s intricate servos and nuro-system link allow the wearer to move with grace and ease. It’s defensive features consist of a fully environmental self contained system, a personal anti-kinetic force field, and a wide array of sensory equipment. It’s offensive capabilities include a three foot long, close quarters combat torch. Anti-personal energy gauntlets, and combat stealth capabilities. A mini-antimatter cell powers the suit and it’s main weapons consist of a internal sternum mounted rack of sixteen mini-missiles, each with ionizing warheads. Finally a medium range, shoulder mounted, particle accelerating, vulcan cannon. Able to shell out twenty shots per second, this weapon can almost instantly vaporize a small house. All the schematics were stored in the suits memory banks and Jaisun and a team of scientist are able to make modifications and replenish the supply of missiles if ever needed. The suit is designed transport to Jaisun on a whim, and will materialize around him when he activates it’s transponder.

Jaisun usually carries a caseless, 15 shot, .45 caliber pistol with specially tipped armor piercing rounds and three extra magazines. His perfered type of melee weapon is the close quarters combat torch. On occasion Jaisun has been known to carry a heavily modified multi-combat rifle, that has such settings as a sniper rifle, a taser, machine gun, and gyro mini-missile launcher.

Height: 6' 6"
Weight: 250 lbs.
Age: 33
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Blood Type: 0+

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