Lancer’s identity is mostly kept a secret, it is known that Lancer is somewhat employed by Vincent Industries. How else would he gain access to such things as Elenium blades and nanomesh? Lancer has disclosed that he works closely as an enforcer for Leonard Vincent, president of Vincent Industries. Now that company is partnered with Legion Extreme, which is part of the United Council. All that is known is that Lancer used to be a freelance “vigilante” before his employment. He still hesitates to give any information on his real identity because of protective circumstances that he needs to enforce.

Special Abilities
Lancer has a nearly impenetrable epidermis, his skin has deflected bullets, missile blasts, energy beams, fire, he has even gotten hit by a semi-truck which he pulled himself from the wreckage with only his pride truly hurt. His strength is superhuman, he has lifted dump trucks over his head, bent steel girders, and has held up falling five story buildings. His other abilities include his astounding swordsmanship, which he demonstrated by incapacitating a criminal using his swords without causing serious harm (he uses the flat or the back of the blade). His very little used power is his ability to generate short ranged pulse energy bursts that can knock a truck over, using his energy bursts seem to tax his body. He also has exhibited a limited resistance to psionic attacks.

Lancer carries a pair of three foot long blades made of the material Elenium. This material is manufactured by Vincent Industries and is a closely guarded formula by Legion Extreme. The material is metallic and has a deep red tinge to it, yet it is bio-friendly (does not trigger a bodily rejection if used for recovery surgery), non-ferrous (non-magnetic) and has a tensile strength, weight ratio that is vastly superior to titanium. It is known that more powerful beings can break Elenium. Titanius can snap Elenium if he uses all six of his arms. Lancer also wears a suit of nano-mesh, if the material is damaged it will repair itself in time. The last item Lancer has is a belt that has a mysterious anti-gravitational field allowing Lancer to fly a subsonic speeds, top speed of 200 miles per hour. Nobody knows how he got the belt but he obviously has the facilities to replace or repair it if it were damaged or destroyed.

Height: 6' 0"
Weight: 205 lbs.
Age: 32
Gender: Male
Race: Meta Human
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Blood Type: O-

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