Like Epoch, Krissona is of Athagorian blood, but the fact of the matter is that she had actually died over 5000 years ago. A titanic battle long forgotten, when Athagorians and Humans lived in harmony. Then a threat came, it would have overwhelmed Earth if not for the brave Humans and Athagorians who fought this battle. Krissona was one of those casualties, she found her body and soul torn apart from each other, and then miraculously she woke up, without knowledge of what had happened, the millenniums had passed and Krissona stumbled out of the tomb she had been hidden away in walking forward into a new world.

Special Abilities
Krissona has the ability to cast spells of a useful, yet sometimes harmless nature, this means she can cast such things as globes of light and limited protection spells but nothing very offensive in nature. She is primarily a warrior, and her abilities stem from fighting prowess. She is fair with mostly any kind of ancient weapon but excels in the use of Chakrams.

Krissona carries a pair of Chakrams, these Chakrams are named Phoenix Eye, and Frost Halo. Each one has their own specific abilities, Phoenix Eye can set foes ablaze if used like a melee weapon, and can also create a wall of flames to shield Krissona, Phoenix Eye can also unleash a blast of devastating heat to a thirty foot area around Krissona. Frost Halo on the other hand can freeze an opponent in ice if it strikes in melee, and it can also create a glacial wall. It’s offensive properties stalagmites of razor sharp ice that jut up suddenly from the ground in a thirty foot radius around Krissona. If either Chakram is thrown it will return to Krissona due to it’s enchantments, however Krissona may call upon her final desperation ability. If she throws both Chakrams at once they will instead of flying forth circle her at a rapid rate. This creates a thirty-foot circumference shield of sharp ice shards that swirl around her, as well as deadly tongues of flame. In order to keep control of the Chakrams as well as hold them, Krissona possesses a pair of gauntlets call the Equinox Gloves which fully protect her hands, and limitedly protects her body from heat and cold.

Height: 5' 5"
Weight: 125 lbs.
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Race: Human (Athagorian)
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Blood Type: A+

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