Born in a dimension of almost pure magic and mythos, Madwyn is not a native to the plane of existence that Paragon City resides in. There, his powers were great, his control exceptional. But a rift was opened between his world and ours, and he was drawn through it against his own will by a magus who thought he could harness the great powers that Madwyn commanded. However, upon arrival, due to the lesser magical powers in this dimension, Madwyn's powers were greatly diminished and he was forced into a mystic urn by his summoner, trapped and controlled. Fate, however, decided to play its hand, and the urn was found. Many years later, by a man named Setzard, who won the urn in a game of chance. Freed from his prison, Madwyn taught his savior about magic and how they worked and could be commanded and controlled. Madwyn saw in this man a lot of potential and an ally, one who could help Madwyn restore his own powers and perhaps, one day, find a way home.

Special Abilities
Madwyn has control over the powers of Fire and Ice. These two elements are his strongest focus, however he has taught Setzard the two other elements which he can barely even claim to control, earth and wind. This does not exclude Madwyn from being a fearsome opponent, making freezing areas of cold then nuking the area with fire to make a very devastating combination of forces. Madwyn being magical is also somewhat susceptible to magical attacks, however he is able to limitedly channel and absorb magical energy directed at him, if he prepares for it.


Height: 6' 6"
Weight: 240 lbs.
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Race: Super Nautral
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black
Blood Type: Unknown

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