Master Guru

Master Guru was born without a name, simply put he was the son of a monks estranged daughter. The Monk wanted his grandson to learn the Martial ways. But as such, the punishment for such shame was the child would not be named. As he grew he was taught the art of Kung Fu, for twenty years since he could learn to walk he was trained. When he was twenty two years of age, the temples Sifu was dying and as such would choose a successor. The head Sifu chose the one with no name, and bestowed upon him the title of Guru. Now Guru was the Master and as such that name stuck, he was now Master Guru. Then one day two travelers came to the temple to seek shelter from a oncoming storm. Those two men were Cody and Vance. The gatekeeper would not let Cody in because of Cody’s brash, and kind of callous nature. So Vance challenged the gatekeeper to a contest of skill, which Vance easily and almost effortlessly won. Master Guru though then challenged Vance to a contest of might, and because Master Guru was not schooled in any other art forms not to mention Vance’s cultivation in chi, Master Guru lost the contest. After that Master Guru requested to travel with Cody and Vance to learn more about the world. He left a surrogate in his place, and then joined with Legion Extreme seeking now to perfect his mind body and spirit.

Special Abilities
Master Guru is a expert practitioner of the art of Kung Fu hand to hand, and weapons, through his time spent training with Vance he has such learned a bit more about internal energy mastery and has taught Vance (who is very adept at learning new techniques) a few of his secrets as well. Master Guru can increase his abilities just as Vance can yet not to the level of power that Vance has achieved. In all respect Master Guru calls Vance Sifu, which Vance constantly denies. Master Guru can shatter trees with a single blow and leap to astounding heights. He can also project a protective aura around himself making him resistant to street level weaponry. Out of all the skills Master Guru has master there is one skill that he considers to be his ultimate skill. For one brief moment Master Guru can increase the damage he deals, each hit will deal successively more damage, the duration of this is ten seconds, yet he has actually punched right though titanium after two or three blows. By some strange phenomenon Master Guru seems to have immortality, yet it is unknown wether or not he is truly immortal.

Master Guru has a pair of blades that he carries with him, these blades are known as “Wind Render” and “Earth Splitter” these Chinese style broadswords have displayed properties similar to Vance’s sword in that they seem indestructible. Master Guru wields them with grace and precision.

Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 160 lbs.
Age: 31
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Blood Type: O+

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