Master Hanzo

Master Hanzo was born Hanzo Katatsuka, the poor son of a fisherman. As he was growing up he was immersed in the philosophies and studies of the martial arts, his mentor was Genji the old man that lived down the street. When Hanzo reached the age of twenty one, Genji confessed that he was really a grandmaster of the legendary “Crashing Wave” form of martial arts and had seen that Hanzo was making innovative progress in the style. However Genji’s time was coming short. Genji told Hanzo that he was nearly three centuries old, and that he was to select the next successor to the form. Hanzo had been chosen, and upon accepting the mantle, Genji with one final technique and breath, flooded Hanzo’s body with power. Hanzo now knew he must revive the ancient style and he trained many pupils but found very few even suitable to carry on the mantle, he made improvements and named the style his own. After nearly countless years Hanzo found Vance. He saw the potential in the young man the same potential that Genji had seen in him and he used the very same technique to bestow upon Vance the power of “Crashing Wave” form, but something happened. Hanzo still retained much potential and instead of dying after the transfer, Hanzo lived and even still felt his power within swelling. He had Mastered an unforseen technique, “Renewing Life” and so Hanzo continues to train pupils, but knows that Vance has become vastly more enlightened and powerful than he could ever become, yet Hanzo smiles knowing that he was not the only one who has a very special mold that was broken.

Special Abilities
Master Hanzo appears to be an old man of aged stature, however to him, seemingly younger martial artist move with the grace of a constipated elephant. Hanzo’s speed and coordination are at peek human potential and he likes to laugh when he sees the surprised look on a pupils face when he takes them to the ground in one move. In much respects Hanzo is very honorable, and understanding, but when he teaches he is strict. Hanzo when he focuses his Chi can leap nearly thirty feet, he can also increase his strength and agility to astounding levels. His Crashing Wave form allows him to read moves, project blasts of Chi energy from his hands, as well as use his aura like a shield against physical attacks. He has walked through fire making peoples jaws drop, and has stood out in the snow without ill effect laughing as his students shiver, and complain while training. His senses are acute allowing him to see an attack coming even before it’s started, he has even dodged attacks with his eyes closed. Hanzo’s crowning technique is his “Renewing Life” technique, with it its impossible to tell how old Hanzo really is, all that is known is that he does not fight like an old man.

Hanzo’s two items he never parts with are his prayer beads (a gift from his master that seem to have lasted longer than they should) and his old oaken cane. Through his cane Hanzo has on occasion blocked attacks with it, the only reason why it has not broken is because Hanzo projects his Chi through it making it seem like steel.

Height: 5' 1"
Weight: 110 lbs.
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Hair Color: None
Eye Color: Brown
Blood Type: O+

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