Mata Hari

Kimiko Yokinawa seemed like your typical everyday business woman, but then that was one of her many disguises and facades. Everyone was surprised when she told them she actually had infiltrated Legion Extreme to represent the White Viper Ninja clan, a clan of ninjas so secretive they were only a rumor a shadow. They had dealt not in assassination, but in infiltration, and internal arts. They were being hunted down and killed by an unknown enemy. The clan was dying and Kimiko was the sole Jonin (head ninja) left. Legion Extreme agreed to help, but when they arrived back in Japan it was already to late, the unknown enemy had wiped out the last haven of safety. They investigated and found out that another ninja from the same clan wanted to claim leadership, and had helped CR-Tech to locate and destroy every White Viper cell. They eventually tracked down the traitor and Kimiko battled the would be usurper, killing him with a technique that was forbidden to be used. Now Kimiko had nowhere left to go, so she joined Legion Extreme in hopes of maybe one day rebirthing the White Viper Ninja clan.

Special Abilities
Kimiko can focus her chi much like Vance but to only a limited degree. Abilities she has displayed is vanishing before her foe’s eyes, climbed walls with uncanny quickness, and moving with the swiftness of a striking cobra. The tricks that Kimiko use include the “switching places” when an enemy strikes at her she can place another object in the path of the blow (providing that there is a nearby object, i.e. a log, fire extinguisher, a trash can) when the enemy pauses to see what they have hit, Kimiko strikes with a surprise attack from the back. When Kimiko focuses her abilities she can hold her breath for three times longer, tires out only half as quickly, and can perform acrobatic stunts that seem nearly impossible, without defying gravity. One of her favorite ninjitsu powers if the cloak of the shadow, with this power she can shrug off heat, cold, and even physical damage. In this state she is lighter than a feather, but also she has very little effective mass to deal any kind of powerful attack. Kimiko also is a master of ninjitsu, and the art of ninja weapons, her favored weapon is the ninjato, the ninja short sword.

Kimiko equipment varies, but she usually carries about a dozen flash/smoke bombs that she uses to conceal herself with. She also goes nowhere without her carrying her concealed ninjato. Her arsenal contains an array of throwing stars which serve different purposes. They can be used as weapons, or to distract, some are even explosive. Concealed grappling hooks and chains, blow darts, and devices of confusion make Kimiko an unpredictable and formidable opponent.

Height: 5' 4"
Weight: 120 lbs.
Age: 30
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Blood Type: O+

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