Arthur McBain

Arthur McBain was at once a crocodile wrangler in Australia when he was recruited by CR-Tech, his skill, and strength was a boon in a project they wanted to involve him in. They gave him weapons training as well as genetic enhancements. It went without saying that McBain became one of the best, skilled in the use of an Exo-Armor, and as nasty as a hill of fire ants. But then one day an event happened that changed McBain’s attitude, he was on deployment for a CR-Tech mission and when things went downhill they left him to die. However it was McBain’s cunning, wits and experience that allowed him to survive his ordeal. He now has sided with Legion Extreme to get some payback on CR-Tech for leaving him to rot.

Special Abilities
McBain has enhanced physical attributes giving him the rough equivalent of the peek human strength, coordination, reflexes, and endurance. He is skilled at hand to hand combat, using a combination of wrestling (which he learned from tackling crocodiles) and boxing (taught by his father). He excels in the use of a knife, and rifle, he has also learned how to jerry-rig automobiles and motorcycles. He still retains his CR-Tech Exo-Armor, which with some patchwork gives him even more strength and prowess. His CR-Tech Exo-Armor has a very limited array of weapons, plasma projection gauntlets able to punch a hole in concrete. A set of shoulder, quad, guided mini-rocket launchers (eight rockets in total). A right forearm mounted high pulse laser that can burn a hole through quarter inch thick steel. And on his left forearm is a Freon spray system that can instantly flash freeze a normal person in their tracks or can extinguish a large campfire.

McBain usually goes nowhere without “ole betty “ a large knife fifteen inches in length and three quarters of an inch thick, this knife is CR-Tech forged Carbon-Nanite, and his trusty hat, which some Legion Extreme members have dubbed “Dundee” after the movie in which the main character wears a similar (but not exactly the same) hat. The last item McBain likes to haul around is “Big Bertha” a large rifle that is somewhat a cross between an elephant gun, a rail gun, and a sniper rifle. For each shot McBain must cock the weapon, yet it’s destructive power is enough that he has put a hole through five cars in a row, and a building with one shot, this rifle holds ten shots. Anyone who is not able to lift over two hundred pounds cannot wield this weapon, and McBain knows the rifle inside and out allowing him to even shoot from the hip, and absorb the recoil so it doesn’t go flying from his grasp. He can empty the rifle in less than thirty seconds. McBain knows how to specifically make the rounds for this gun.

Height: 6' 3"
Weight: 220 lbs.
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Brown
Blood Type: B+

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