Jennifer Holly was an up and coming professional singer, she was set for three record deals and with her angelic and unique voice she was assured the life of a singing star. However her dreams came crashing down, for on the night her album was to debut she woke up in the middle of the night to get a drink of water. She walked down stairs and came face to face with a very vicious robber, the robber had broke into her house and had only intended to steal. But once confronted he decided to leave no witnesses and slashed Jennifer’s throat. That should have been the death of Jennifer Holly, however her resolve saved her and gasping for air she dialed 911 as the robber fled. The ambulance arrived in time to save her and the police captured the robber who got put away for his crimes, but Jennifer would never sing again. She dropped into depression, until one day she was approached by some anonymous benefactors. They offered to restore her voice, and Jennifer signed the contract. Three months later, after cybernetic reconstruction and surgical procedures Jennifer had her voice back. But bad luck was still with Jennifer when during a concert they cybernetic voice she had began to emit odd frequencies. This caused the stadium speakers to blow out. After diagnosis, the company that had done the procedure asserted that Jennifer’s voice would soon go out of control and she would liquefy everything around her including herself. She could not have the voice box removed or she would die, it was too heavily integrated into her now to be removed. Her next option would be to wear a containment suit to control the device. Thus Jennifer was once again put through misery, yet she has hopefully found her place under the roof of Legion Extreme as Mid-Range.

Special Abilities
Mid-Range through the use of her Suit as a focal point for her cybernetic voice box can create varying degrees of decibel levels. This allows her to make ultrasonic high pitched noises to cause several effects. She has temporarily deafened opponents, made them disoriented by disrupting their inner ear, and has even knocked out targets with a focused wave of sound. She also has done other effects such as caused paralyzing headaches, shattered glass, and even at her most powerful focused sonic attack liquefied steel. Also due to the fact her suit regulates her voice box which is nearly out of control, she emits a sonic field around her, this field seems to deflect incoming physical objects and can even disperse energy attacks directed at her. A few other modifications to her suit have also given her the ability to tune into frequencies that no other people can normally hear or even sense radio waves in the air. Her suit has also been upgraded with Elenium, parts of her suit are armored to provide her with protection against most attacks. Using a sonic emitted pulse Mid-Range has limited flight capabilities.

The one item that Mid-Range usually carries is her Sonic dampener collar, that she must attach around her neck when she takes off her containment suit, this makes her unable to speak but also nullifies the out of control cybernetic sound generator allowing her to sleep in relative normality.

Height: 5' 5"
Weight: 180 lbs.
Age: 26
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Blood Type: B+

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