Current Agent Ranking and Level

Capshot (21)
Cromar (36)
Dark Armada (50)
Dark Divine (16)
Dark Vigil (32)
Death Wielder (14)
Diana Hunter (4)
Divine Lyte (16)
Dracos Frigidae (12)
Draknos (23)
Joshua Draven
Eireya Sabyre (16)
Elle Sabyre (4)
Genesis (36)
Grind (13)
Hawaiian (35)
Hellfire (7)
Ice Flicker (25)
Icy Wench (12)
Serena Harcourt
Johnathan "Jaisun" Hathaway (39)
Krysta Sabyre (23)
Laine Chiyoko
Lancer (50)
Arthur McBain
Madwyn (16)
Master Guru (16)
Master Hanzo (16)
Mata Hari (22)
Mid-Range (5)
Power Hawk
Ravensfall (5)
Red Sirena (23)
Cody Robertson (36)
Rogue Protecter (43)
Soden (3)
Sky Lark (32)
Sesh (50)
Setzard (16)
Stormbreaker (10)
Tiana Talos (32)
Trace Echo (10)
Trip Wire
Ultimax (14)
Vance Yoshika (39)

Recruit: The first rank in which you must perform an evaluation/probation period. We look for a varity of different traits, such as team player, friendliness to others, fun and laid back, etc, to determine if you are ready for Legion Extreme. During this time, please fill free to ask questions of any members and team up often. A vote of your peers will determine if you are ready to join the ranks.

If a person starts at level 1 or 2 they must attain level 10 before being considered for the next rank, unless you advance in super group. This allows a "meritorious promotion" at level 9 to Green Agent.

Recruits who ultimately do not make the cut will be removed immediately from Legion Extreme.

Green Agent: Level 10 - 20, with meritorious promotion at level 18 to Blue Agent for fighting in super group mode. Recruits who join the ranks of Legion Extreme beyond level 10 and below 20 are made Green Agents.

Blue Agent: Levels 20+ Most agents will reach this rank. Recruits starting Legion Extreme after 20 are made Blue Agents.

Red Agent: Levels 35+ A Red Agent is an elite individual trusted by the high council. They have proven their loyalty, comitment to excellence and leadership among other agents.

Red Agents have access to enhancement storage, salvage and the ability to recruit new potental agents into Legion Extreme.

Black Agent: Legion Extreme high council of three.

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