Razor is one of those mysterious beings that evolved from the depths of the ocean. Although he has developed intelligence, at one time, about five centuries ago, he was a savage creature devouring anything he came across. Luckily for all humans he usually stayed at the bottom of the ocean, feeding off the dark life there. At first he was bound to water, he could only stay in the ocean and could not emerge onto land. Then one day, his body evolved, and he found that he had become self aware. To this end he also found that he could now emerge from the ocean and tread upon dry land. When Legion Extreme found him they thought at first he was a threat but Cromar was able to determine that Razor was only curious and using some of his abilities granted knowledge to Razor. Since then Razor has been struggling to find his place, but is content with his place being an agent with Legion Extreme.

Special Abilities
Razor as he so calls himself, if first adorn with multiple spikes, barbs, and claw-like protrusions. He can use these in a matter befitting a walking blender, this also makes it hard for enemies to hit him without hurting themselves, if they get into melee range. Razor’s defensive adaptations are astounding, his skin which is like an exo-skeletal armor can sustain a burst from a large caliber fully automatic machine gun, without ill effect. His body also heals at rapid rate making small wounds heal in seconds, and larger wounds heal in minutes. His anatomy is odd, he has two hearts, three livers, what counts as three lungs with multiple chambers, and two stomachs. His two stomachs are both seemingly unique in respects that they can both digest but one of his stomachs is used as a weapon. He can spew forth a cone of stomach acid, so potent that it will eat through three foot thick steel in a matter of seconds. The range of this spray is approximately fifteen feet. Razor’s physiology is such that it allows him to survive in the ocean at great depths and pressure, he also adapts as he sees fit able to breath air or water (salt or fresh), his feet and hands are webbed allowing him to swim at over fifty knots per hour. As a last resort Razor can voluntarily fly into a berserker rage, doing this will drop his mind back into a primordial state but gives him more physical toughness, twice the regenerative ability of the norm and will also increase his strength and dexterity. Only problem is he will attack anything on sight in an attempt to destroy it. The length of this berserker rage is only two minutes long.


Height: 8' 2"
Weight: 430 lbs.
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Race: Humanoid
Hair Color: None
Eye Color: Black
Blood Type: Unknown

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