Reaper’s origins are odd indeed, the only one thing that is for sure is that it was CR-Tech’s fault. Once a security guard by the name of Gregory Kirkland, he was hired to guard a CR-Tech facility. Due to the nature that CR-Tech was contracting him as an independent security force he was not privy to all of CR-Tech’s secrets. Don’t touch anything, don’t open anything, was the policy. The night the accident happened a unmarked truck pulled up to the gate, and out jumped soldiers from MECA (Middle Eastern Coalition Army). Gregory was gunned down, but was not dead, and the soldiers began to take some barrels marked “oil” to the truck. But in these barrels were not oil but some kind of biotoxic waste. One MECA soldier dropped a barrel and the contents spilled out from the rusting container and Gregory was engulfed in a flood of goo. From that pool of liquid emerged a twisted and horrid vision of a man, Gregory’s skin became soft and part of his face melted off, then his skin hardened and his strength increased. He slaughtered his would be murderers and after he sought the help of Legion Extreme seeking a way to maybe reverse the horrid process. It was apparent that the process could not be revoked, but Gregory now calling himself Reaper was going to help Legion Extreme take down CR-Tech for good.

Special Abilities
Reaper can first off increase the length of his fingers making the ends of them sharp as razor blades. He can tear and rend even the strongest of steel with these claws of his. Reaper also has a natural resistance to anything toxic, poisons, sedatives, drugs and alcohol have no ill effect on him. His epidermis is super tough able to withstand street level weapons, like knives and small caliber guns. His strength is roughly fifty times that of a normal human. Reaper however has astounding reflexes, allowing him to avoid incoming attacks. His skill with his claws make him deadly in hand to hand combat. He can also use these claws to climb walls (leaving holes behind of course) and can even cling to ceilings if his claws can penetrate it. Once per day Reaper can summing up all his strength increasing it nearly ten fold to deliver one strike that can obliterate a train, this punch with he calls his “Death Dealer” strike can even strike at a distance to a lesser effect, hitting anything within twenty feet of Reaper, in a cone fifteen feet high, and fifteen feet wide at the very end of it’s range. Reapers final power is the ability to leap great distances with a single bound, he can easily cover over three football fields in a single jump.

Because of the accident Reaper is blind in his left eye and has had it implanted with a cybernetic component so that he can see in the infrared spectrum out of that eye, he also wears a mask to hide the side of his face that is missing, he sometimes talks with a slur.

Height: 6' 3"
Weight: 225 lbs.
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Race: Altered Human
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Red
Blood Type: Unknown

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