Rogue Protector

The Crey Conglomerate, a shinning beacon of industry in the world. However it is not all that it seems, secret meetings, back alley deals, and suspicious agents, are all part of the cloak and dagger of this company. Naomi had always known, her mother was not like other normal people. In actuality Naomi’s mother was a run away self aware bio-weapon. Crey called them “Paragon Protectors” and little did Naomi know that her mother was in the crosshairs. Her father was one of these runaway bio-weapons as well, but he had been killed much earlier. He had been buying time for Namoi’s mother to escape, while Naomi was still in her mother’s womb. When Naomi’s mother escaped she hid from Crey, and attempted raise Naomi as normally as possible. Then one night her mother came home fatally wounded. She told Naomi everything, before she died. Naomi ran away that night, and took her mother’s suitcase, in it she found the old uniform of a Paragon Protector. Naomi soon found her powers manifesting, and donned the suit, she began her war against Crey as the Rogue Protector.

Special Abilities
Naomi has the abilities of both her mother, and father. Her father, having mass regenerative abilities, and superhuman strength. And her mother, having the ability to rapidly grow spinney protrusions from her body, as well as being very resistant to damage. Thus Naomi has her mothers spines ability, and resistance to some forms of damage, and her fathers regenerative abilities, as well as more than normal human strength. This makes her very formidable as well versatile. She can also fly like most Paragon Protectors. Her combined abilities make her also quite a bit more powerful than any normal Paragon Protectors. She often times will disguise herself as some kind of Crey employee in order to do any infiltration work. Crey have already noticed that her suit is an older version and usually will attack her on sight, unless they employee is new or just mistakes her for an actual Crey employee.

Naomi wears a form of nano-robot mesh Paragon Protector suit. This suit along, with it’s helmet, makes her a haunting image of the notorious “Revenant Heroes” that Crey produces. To add insult to injury Naomi has also donned a cape in the fashion of the “Elite Paragon Protectors” she favors these opponents over any other kind of Crey opposition, just to prove how much tougher she is than some fake, engineered, clones.

Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 125 lbs.
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Race: Meta Human
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Green
Blood Type: A+

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