Sesh is not actually a human, but a supernatural force with a human shell. When Sesh first came to Earth it was a seemingly mindless entity, the combination of a storm, and a soul. However when Sesh looked down upon the humans going about thier day, like a child watching busy little ants, it decided to take the form of a human and experience "life" for itself. Sesh took the form of a young human female, and once consolidated into a physical form found to her horror she had not planned how to turn back into her normal form. Stranded in human form Sesh now had to deal with being a human, although she retains her powers, she still searches for a way to turn back into her original form.

Special Abilities
Sesh has the ability to make focused blasts of electricity, as well as control shadow energy. With her lightning powers she can make powerful attacks that can drain an opponents energy, or unleash stunning shocks leaving an opponent defensless. With her other powers, she has made shadows leap to life to attack her foes, as well as making grasping tentacles of pits of shadows. One of her favorite tricks is to project a total cloak of darkness making her opponents unable to fight back, terrifying them with the image of them helplessly floating in a void of nothing for eternity.

Sesh before hand use to run around relatively in the nude, however she has since conceived the sense of decency and wears protective robes to cover her mortal shell.

Height: 5' 4"
Weight: 120 lbs.
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Race: Super Natural
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: BLue
Blood Type: Unknown

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