In the bloody history of Asia, in particular Japan, there was not so much a man feared as the ninja. dark and cunning assassins, peaceful spies, or even fierce warriors. All of these legends were at one point true, and Kage or Shadow is proof of that, born in the fifteenth century he was one of the ninja that learned and unlocked the mysteries of the Shinobi. However within Kage he had not only gained a type of ultimate power, but also had unleashed an inner devil within his soul. It was when he faced his demise at the hands of a skilled Samurai did this darkness emerge. And it called itself Garu or Fury. Shadow knew that if he did not contain Fury that this devil like manifestation of himself would destroy anything in it’s path. Thus he locked himself in spiritual combat with Fury for six centuries. Only when his spirit began to remanifest his body, was their battle interrupted. Forming a truce with this seemingly evil part of him Shadow and Fury decided to work in cooperation and according to their fate they would one day rejoin into one with only one as the dominant personality.

Special Abilities
Shadow has the mystic abilities of the ninja, able to vanish into thin air, teleport, and perform a host of other supernatural abilities. Shadow uses these abilities to deceive and misdirect his opponent. Since he is technically dead most of his corporal form is spiritual energy with some substance. He is skilled in the art of hand to hand and weapons mastery. His powers also allow him to perform feats of speed and dexterity that are nearly impossible, yet he can and has been outdone on several occasions. At anytime Shadow may summon up his Fury personality which has different abilities and quirks and although malignant in nature will do what Shadow dictates to him out of their agreement.

Shadow carries a variety of weapons that are particular to the ninja trade, however the supply of his equipment seems to be unlimited as he actually summons up the equipment he needs from his spiritual memory, this equipment can be used by Shadow only.

Height: 5' 3"
Weight: 135 lbs.
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Race: Supernautral
Hair Color: Unknown
Eye Color: White
Blood Type: Unknown

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