Sky Lark

Angelica Aerson was a typical happy teenager until her mutant powers started to develop. When she turned sixteen she, like most members of the mutation genus upon discovering themselves, was very startled, confused, and afraid. Angelica found she had photon focusing abilities, and the power to turn intangible to a state of near ghostliness. It was only when her seven foot long feathered wings grew out, did she run away from home. Angelica lived with a bunch of outcast members for a while known as “The Renegades” all were mutants who didn’t want the world knowing they were there. But after a while Angelica learned that she could reduce the size of her wings to that of a humming birds. Once more she was able to rejoin the human race in relative normality. It was after the formation of Legion Extreme and the mutant equal rights treaty that she revealed her secret to her parents. To seek her place she has joined Legion Extreme, taking the codename Sky Lark, in hopes to further harness her powers.

Special Abilities
Angelica’s first main power is flight, under propulsion from two large wings that when stretched out total a span of over fifteen feet. With these wings she can fly for a extended duration of time by gliding or flapping. Her top speed with these wings is sixty miles per hour, her longest flight time has been ten hours non-stop (when she first ran away), and these wings can by some extraordinary means shrink in size (roughly to the size of humming bird wings) that they could be easily concealed if she wore something that covers her back. Her physiology is odd in the fact she weighs a lot less than most women of her height and build, this is due to her bone density which is lightweight but strong. Her power of intangibility is used in situational emergencies, when she is intangible bullets, knives, swords, tossed cars, even other people go right through her with no ill adverse effect. This power only extends to her, this means she cannot touch someone and turn intangible taking them with her. Her core ability is in manipulating photon particles and focusing them, in simple terms light manipulation, she has developed a number of tricks with this power. She has generated laser beams that can be as thin as a needle, or as wide as trash can with enough heat to punch a hole in concrete. She has gathered light into one spot and made a Flash of bright light that can blind opponents, bent light around herself to make her seem invisible, bent the light around others to make them seem invisible, and has even bent pre-fabricated laser beams in different directions (she once deflected a beam from a laser pistol). In addition she also has a limited sixth sense which tips her off seconds before the actual danger occurs, allowing her to take turn intangible or prepare for an attack.

Angelica is partial to wearing a nano-mesh suit which can change into three different outfits, one of which grants her the ability to grow her wings out for flight. This suit is set on pre-arranged commands allowing Angelica to turn intangible without her clothes falling off (like it use to). The other two outfits resemble normal clothes, one set of casual wear, and one set for high society wear.

Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 80 lbs.
Age: 26
Gender: Female
Race: Meta Human
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Blood Type: O-

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