Tiana Talos

Tiana Talos was born in Athagor while it was still attached to the realm of Earth, she excelled in the art of graceful combat. She was involved in the great calamity, and she even witnessed her home, back then also known as Atlantis, vanish to seal the evil entity of death away. After that Tiana, with her two traveling companions, Titanius, a legendary titan, and Gen-zasi a being that had turned from the enemy side of the war, wandered for centuries. Being nearly immortal Tiana was able to pass for a normal person down through the ages, but always worked odd jobs to keep her companions with the comforts of life. Even as the dawn of the new millenium crept forward, she continues to adapt, and improve her mind, body, and spirit. Eventually her companions, as well as she, decided to team up with Legion Extreme as the foreboding shadow of doom began to lurk once more over the horizon.

Special Abilities
Tiana is very skilled with any type of bladed ancient melee weapon, she couples this together with impressive hand to hand skills. Her natural ability is to tap into what she calls “the stream” a flow of energy that she casts her “spells” with. Among an impressive array of magic she can use includes, enhancing her physical strength and prowess for a short duration of time, casting a handful of offensive spells like, a fireball or lightning bolt from her hands. Summoning spirit armor which grants her near invulnerability for a short while. Casting healing spells on herself, as well as others, and finally a spell that can grant her the ability to fly at a little over 40 miles per hour. Like all Athagorians’ Tiana ages slower than normal, being nearly immortal.

Tiana carries her father’s sword “the Blade of Talos” forged of Athagorian adamant, this metal is much stronger than titanium and is imbued with a powerful enchanted. Whenever Tiana strikes with this sword she has a the ability, at will, to sunder almost any material or object in half with a single blow. Some of the objects she has cut clean in half are, cars, five inch thick steel doors, trucks, trees, an opponents armor, and even buildings. The sword’s enchantment does have limitations though, it cannot sunder a quarter inch thick Elenium panel. Nor can it seem to penetrate the armor that Jaisun acquired from CR-Tech. Among other abilities the sword has is the ability to teleport, with nearly unlimited range, to Tiana’s hands when she wills it also it has been known to absorb energy attacks of minor magnitude when Tiana uses it defensively. Tiana also wears a set of armor that is a combination of steel chain mail and plates of Athagorian Adamant, this armor is also enchanted with a protect spell, allowing Tiana to “blink” out of the way of incoming harm five times a times a day.

Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 135 lbs.
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Race: Human (Athagorian)
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Blood Type: O+

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