Titanius is one of the actual beings that were described in Greek mythology, only that pre-conceptions of him were mostly wrong. Unlike the mythical titans of legend Titanius actually hailed from another dimension where the beings there were vastly powerful and near immortal. They opened up a stable portal to earth atop a mountain and were worshiped as gods until one day the portal began to collapse. Seeing that most of the “Titans” were leaving Earth Titanius chose to stay, he soon found more wars to fight and battles to side himself with, he eventually teamed up with the Athagorians, and a humanoid plant creature named Gen-zasi. After many adventures they traveled to a place called “America” where they would all eventually ally with Legion Extreme.

Special Abilities
Titanius’ most prominent features is not only his height, but also his three sets of ambidextrous arms. Each of his arms has the ability to lift over five kilotons, and when combined together make Titanius stronger than he seems. His skin is tough enough to withstand a spray of depleted uranium bullets from a 30mm mini-gun, and on top of that he heals fifteen times faster then a normal human. Some of his other abilities he has displayed includes flying at speeds an excess of mach one, projecting a freezing ray of cold from his eyes, and projecting bolts of energy from his hands. He has also gone into meditative trances, hibernation and does not seem to age. His combat expertise include Greek wrestling, and he boasts that Pankration (a Greek form of Martial arts) was invented and passed down by him.


Height: 13' 6"
Weight: 1350 lbs.
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Race: Titan
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Blood Type: Unknown

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