Trip Wire

Jamison Thorsby was a very prestigious ordinance officer, his knowledge of explosives as well as how to set, and disarm them earned his the nickname Tripwire. However on a peacekeeping mission in Africa, it would be a tripwire that would be his undoing. Getting chased by an angry mob he ran right into a grenade trap. When the medics air lifted him out, three of his limbs were mangled beyond repair and he was such a mess that they medics had to use every resource to stabilize him. CR-Tech intervened and began to reconstruct Jamison. When he awoke he was encased in a cybernetic shell of bionics. They had made him into a cyborg, but instead of obeying him, he broke free and fled. Now he is employed with Legion Extreme in hopes that they can show the world what CR-Tech intends to really do.

Special Abilities
Jamison’s body has been almost fully reconstructed with cybernetics. This means that he has had systems added into him that he doesn’t even know about. So far he has found he has a multitude of scanners at his disposal as well as some very handy modifications to his voice. His body is armored, and recently Legion Extreme has equipped him with Alpha Elenium plating making his outer shell even more resistant to damage. Jamison’s right arm is equipped with a variety of tools and weapons, from a fifty foot grappling line to a large vibro blade, the numerous configurations his right arm can make is truly astounding. His left arm is equipped with such things as computer link up systems, and a nano-shield, this shield can be erected in less than two seconds and is riot style allowing a wide area of cover.

Sometimes Jamison will opt for a variable energy rifle from the Legion Extreme arsenal division.

Height: 7' 1"
Weight: 500 lbs.
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Race: Human Cyborg
Hair Color: None
Eye Color: Red
Blood Type: O+

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