Ultimax was at one time Dr. Richard Hawker working on "Project Photon" for CR-Tech, he was trying to infuse light into human cells. This of course had applications like, search and rescue for mines, and biological safety markers for people out at night. However CR-Tech was planning to do more than just that. They were researching applications of human photon emission, and bio laser projection. When Dr. Hawker realized that CR-Tech had no interest in a peaceful use for his work he planned to defect. However at that point CR-Tech decided that Dr. Hawker had out-lived his usefulness. The night that Richard was about to defect adn leave the lab exploded. Many though that Dr. Hawker, who had been in the only lab occupant, died. However Dr. Hawker had actually been infused with photons and as a result became a being of pure living light. Naming himself Ultimax he joined with Legion Extreme in hopes to exposed CR-Tech for what they really are.

Special Abilities
Ultimax is composed of solid living light, as such most physical attacks pass right though him, and energy based attacks sort of deflect off him. His body can be damaged though, by a reflective surface, although he can reconciliate after a time, it is painful. To elude this problem Ultimax wears a specially tailored molecular containment suit. Among other powers that Ultimax has is the ability to fly by means of projecting Photons to propel himself, and the ability to solidify or intangify his body. He also can create focused beams of light which are much akin to a powerful laser. Ultimax may also absorb light and photons to increase his powers, making himself superhumanly strong and agile. Ultimax also can intensify or decrease the amount of light he generates from his actual body making him blindingly bright, or a dull throbbing pulse.

Ultimax wears a molecular containment suit which offers him some protection against normal attacks, and attacks designed specifically to injure him. This also allows him a varying degree of control over his powers as well.

Height: 6' 0"
Weight: 180 lbs.
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Race: Meta Human
Hair Color: None
Eye Color: White
Blood Type: None

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