Vance Yoshika

Driven at one time by vengeance, Vance trained his body to be a weapon after a brutal mugging at age ten. He would intensely practice martial arts in all forms, at age eighteen he knew five different fighting forms, boxing for punching forms, taekwondo for kicking, jujitsu for grappling, tai chi for internal energy mastery and jeet kune do, it was that mixed form that made an ancient Master notice the young man full of fury. That Masters name was Hanzo and he approached Vance with an offer to help harness his power. After nearly half a decade of training Vance emerged a changed man, able to harness his internal energy in astounding ways. He returned to the world of modern times, and was quickly picked up by the CIA who wanted to use him for an assassination. While on his mission he ran across a man named Cody and from that a friendship was formed. He and Cody stayed steadfast friends, when they broke into a CR-Tech base together they ran across Jonathan Hathaway who recruited them both into working for the United Council.

Special Abilities
Vance has mastered Hanzo Choshinken Ryu, a very difficult form of martial arts and chi mastery. This has given Vance the ability to pull energy (or Chi) from the environment and his own body to make him seem stronger, faster, more enduring. This also makes him able to use abilities that may seem unnatural for a human, leaping forty feet up, running at two hundred miles per hour for short periods, and making his skin bullet proof. This energy that he can manipulate can also make him project an aura of power around him making his body seem harder than steel. He may also focus and redirect that same energy as blasts of energy from his hands. In his enlightened state he may also sense other beings in the area and take nearly accurate readings of their abilities and powers. Vance also has learned to store, harness and contain chi energy becoming a virtual battery of Chi, this makes his reflexes and perception acute to the point of near precognition. With this ability he can read an opponents moves before they even begin to do them.

When Vance left Master Hanzo’s temple he was presented with a blade. That blade had been forged from a meteorite centuries ago and had been created using a soul ritual. The blade seem neigh indestructible and so far has proven it might be so. It has withstood a direct hit from .50 caliber rounds, never seems to dull, or rust and has even withstood a blow from a cosmic level being without so much as flexing. The mystic part of the sword will not allow anyone but Vance to use it, it will refuse to be lifted against him, or draw it from it’s sheath by anyone other than Vance. The only other weapons Vance carries are a set of eight throwing blades plated with Elenium.

Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 180 lbs.
Age: 34
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Blood Type: A+

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