Sandra was a typical high school student, popular, beautiful, and smart. But unknown to her, she was invoking greater powers than she realized. Sandra actually was a meta-human, but her power was not in the realm of knocking down trees with one hand, or unleashing destructive bolts of force. She had the power to control minds, emotions, and even probe peoples minds, gaining a sort of empathy with them. She came into realization of her powers when one night she was walking home from school. She was passing by a jewelry store where a heist was taking place. The burglars came out of the store loaded and upon sighting her decided that they should leave no witnesses. As soon as one of them pointed his gun at Sandra she cried out for him to stop and he did so. She then realized that she was controlling him. Instead of deciding the heroic route, Sandra being one of the poorer class of people told the men to finish robbing the store and then, she took all the loot and left them asleep with no memory of what happened. As she grew so did her powers, she used her powers to influence people and control them, and the more she did it the more she liked it. She could get anything she wanted, her charms, desires, made her all too Alluring.

Special Abilities
Sandra has a very potent power, she can influence people male or female, although females tend to be a bit more resistant to her abilities she can, none the less, control them. This is done through a combination of a radiant aura, pheromones, forced hypnotisms, mind reading, emotional manipulation, and empathy. With this powerful combination of powers Sandra can control even very powerful beings against their will. So far it is confirmed that she constantly radiates a four hundred foot aura of sedation. This makes anyone male or female who comes within four hundred feet of her, unable to directly attack her, be it ranged or melee. Next of all is her calming zone, this generally makes everyone within four hundred feet of her, feel complacent and non-aggressive. This only strengthens her ability to hold sway over someone with her words. The only kind of beings that have any resistance to her powers is artificial constructs, such as golems and robots, or rabid mindless animals. Even then these kind of beings tend to move slower than usual and will hesitate to even mount an attack against her. Sandra’s only other power is that of near eternal beauty regenerative abilities. She heals only three times faster than any normal human, but when she gets hurt it never scars, any broken bones are healed without any signs of fracture, and she has kept a youthful appearance ever since she turned nineteen.

Sandra from all her gain in criminal activity has had a form fitting custom suit made for her. This suit projects a second skin-like force field over her protecting her from harm (since she has almost no physical defense against damage). This force field can deflect and absorb an impact from a fifty caliber machine gun at point blank range, and also with reverse electro magnetic boots allows Sandra a very limited form of flight, with a maximum speed of fifty miles per hour.

Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 122 lbs.
Age: 34
Gender: Female
Race: Meta Human
Hair Color: Blue
Eye Color: Brown
Blood Type: B-

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