Amp is another of CR-Tech’s Bio-Weapons however he is seldom placed into combat because of his unpredictable nature. He has been known to turn on his own handlers, or start attacking and killing innocent people at random. The only way that CR-Tech can truly control him is through a nuro-blocker implanted into him. This is like an on/off switch if Amp gets out of hand one command word and Amp is out of commission. The command word is changed on a daily basis. This has made Amp a very reluctant but obedient slave to the whims of CR-Tech and his handlers.

Special Abilities
Amp has the ability to harness electricity, this gives him a very advantageous edge in combat, first of all everything around him can get electrocuted. This will cause minor combustibles to burst into flames and will cause peoples, hair to stand on end. Anyone within ten feet of Amp tends to start getting shocked as if getting hit by a tazer gun. Amp can also absorb electricity and store it like a battery. When he does this he gains astounding strength and reflexes. His physical strength increases due to the electricity flowing through his muscles making them tense and contract making his body into a huge charged mass of muscles. His reflexes increase because of the electricity harmonizing his synaptic brain activity making him react quicker despite his muscles becoming increasingly rigid. Amp can discharge his stored electricity in one of two ways, one is in focused bolts of power that are equivalent to ten times the intensity of lightning. The second way is to build up a static field around him that can deflect physical and energy based attacks. Amp favors to fight in a city setting where he can absorb the energy from nearby power lines and transformers. Amp can fly by riding the earths magnetic current, and has even been known to teleport through power outlets. His new favored trick is to let out an EMP wave that can disrupt electrical circuits as well as disorient the human synaptic signals disorienting and stunning all within a twenty foot range.

Amp wears a nano-containment suit like H-Bomb except that it can be set to conduct or to insulate, this gives Amp a varying degree of control over his powers which at sometimes is nearly uncontrollable.

Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 200 lbs.
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Race: Engineered Human
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Blood Type: Unknown

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