CR-Tech Buzz Drone

CR-Tech’s first attempt at an all-purpose combat android was highly successful. As their technology progressed so did the modifications made to this robot. In the long run they finally produced a perfected combat model that exceeded expectations. The Buzz Drone, as it was so called because of it’s obvious weaponry, was final result. This Combat robot was lightweight, fast, and carried enough firepower to get the job done.

Special Abilities
The abilities of the Buzz Drone are meant for clandestine operations. Just like the Killbot the Buzz Drones outer shell is composed of depleted uranium, coated in ablative titanium alloy. This is also covered over with a thin layer of light sensitive plastic giving them a form of active camouflage. Their main weapons systems is a twin set of nano-blade launcher, these nano-blades can cut right through titanium, they are launched at 2,000 feet per second and once they have slowed down enough to embed themselves into a stationary object they tend to break down into their nano particles to prevent examination. The Buzz Drone has twelve blades total stored in their launcher units, six blades per unit. The Buzz Drone also has hard points which can be fitted with any of the following weapons; short ranged micro rocket propelled grenades, small lasers, or a 20mm chain gun. The Buzz Drone is also equipped with the same sensors as the Killbot, and satellite uplinks as well.

The Buzz Drone can carry a standard CR-Tech Assault rifle.

Height: 7' 0"
Weight: 1670 lbs.
Age: N/A
Gender: N/A
Race: Robot
Hair Color: N/A
Eye Color: Red
Blood Type: N/A

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