In all the cosmos there have always been destructive forces, but Deadstreak and his “brother” were seemingly meant to be forces of nature to destroy. They only know one thing… things die, and suffer when they touch them. As it were they are not nearly mindless killing machines, but they have shown cunning and adaptation to situations. They enjoy nothing more than to watch chaos and death ensue in their wake this only fuels their desire to cause more destruction. The last time they found earth they were defeated by Legion Extreme and then rocketed into deep space hopefully never to return.

Special Abilities
Deadstreak has near immortal, he regenerates at an astounding rate and his alien epidermis provides him with a high level of protection. Deadstreak possesses a type of deflection shield that is almost like a reflex action. If anything attacks at a range of more than five feet it will harmlessly be deflected, energy, bullets, thrown knives, etc. Deadstreak will force his opponent to engage him in hand to hand combat. If Deadstreak touches his opponent, by wrestling, he will begin an energy draining process, if he can maintain a handhold on his opponent he will eventually siphon off all of the opponent’s life and kill them and healing himself. This process is painful and most normal humans will be paralyzed with agony allowing Deadstreak to complete the process. Deadstreak is also an unrefined weapons master being able to wield any type of weapon that is sized for him. Deadstreak is more skilled and agile than Annihilator.

Deadstreak carries with him a large halberd that is fifteen feet long and made of an unknown alien metal. This halberd is heavy and requires great strength to wield. Deadstreak has cleaved cars clean in half with this spear. Also Deadstreak carries a giant blade which is his version of a sword, this blade is six feet in length and also like the halberd is heavy and unwieldy.

Height: 12' 3"
Weight: 2100 lbs.
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Race: Alien
Hair Color: None
Eye Color: Yellow Green
Blood Type: Unknown

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