Demon Raol

Demon Raol has been known by many other names in the past, mostly people have associated him with being the head demonic type figure of popular religious lore. Raol is in fact a very diabolic entity from another plane he likes to call "Inferus" which is a dimension which could be an accurate description of the underworld. However in this realm Raol is all powerful, he has agents everywhere, minions to do his bidding, and powerful slaves tethered to his will. It is unknown how old Raol is, but the "Demon" aspect of his name suggest he is actually a "DimEnsional MONstrosity" in a humanoid form. Raol has enslaved hundreds of beings over the course of his reign and he has only been ever thwarted thrice. He never sleeps, never eats, and only drinks if it suits his mood. His fearsome power holds sway over his minions who will do anything to avoid his direct wrath after all Raol does not kill, he tortures till near death only to let his victim recover and start over again and at that he has become masterful.

Special Abilities
Raol has a very unique power, he has the power to manipulate the immediate reality around him (with a limited spectrum) to his whim. For instance he can form barriers of force around him, cause the ground to erupt, and even turn lesser beings into stone if he so desires. Yet Raol gets bored with cliché methods, and tries to come up with new and innovative ways of manipulating his "area of power". For instance he might turn the grass under his victim into a mass of writhing acid worms, or make a warriors armor start to shrink so that it crushes them. This leads Raol to believe that he should use only the minimum of his powers to achieve his goals. Raol is also a creature of near indestructibility, his body has taken hits from chain gun, missile launchers, grenades, even rail guns with no ill effect, on top of that Raol seems to regenerate any damage done to his humanoid form. Raol has a limited scope of immortality in that he doesn't age, and if he is damaged enough to a point where he is nearly destroyed his form will reincarnate leaving him in suspended animation for three months. It is believed that this is actually one of his many "terms" he has set for his body using his reality altering energy. Raol also favors what he calls "the slaying touch" when he uses this power he can pierce almost any object with his hand with one single thrust. His hand glows a bright red when he uses this power and swirls of shadow matter orbit around his arm, to be struck is instant death for any normal mortal, super human beings might take more than one strike to kill but Raol finds it amusing to wound his target and then monologue as they writhe in pain. The actual touch itself is like a blazing fire and a sub-zero ice dagger rolled into one, the victim will feel cold yet the afflicted area will feel like it burns. Raol also favors absorbing energy from things around him, when he can and has been known to leave a trail of dead things in his wake, their lives sucked from their bodies. Lastly Raol has the ability of omni-travel, this grants him the ability to fly (sometimes at hyper-luminescent speeds), teleport, shift dimensions, leap very high over obstacles, and dash on foot at nearly unbelievable velocities.

Raol sometimes, but not always, carries around the "Soul Staff of Darkness" this item can call forth to Raol the souls of defeated warriors in the form of lumbering zombie like creatures, or monstrous beasts. The most minions he has ever summoned with this staff at once is twenty and even then each minion is much more tougher, stronger, and faster than any normal humans or beasts. This staff is also neigh indestructible known to have taken repeated strikes from other weapons, and in Raol's hands he wields it with unearthly grace and deadliness.

Height: 7' 1"
Weight: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Race: Dimensional Being
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Red
Blood Type: Unknown

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