Dissolve was CR-Tech’s first Bio-Weapon that was ever created. However because of the unknown knowledge that was delved into, Dissolve did not emerge quite the way that CR-Tech had intended him to. Dissolve is horribly twisted and insane. He delights in using his abilities to inflict pain and suffering, nothing gives him more pleasure than laughing as he watches his victims scream, and thrash over a melted hand, or as they watch in horror as a hole begins to eat through their abdomen. In his sick twisted mind Dissolve believe that he is the first, and best Bio-Weapon ever created by CR-Tech.

Special Abilities
Dissolve secrets from his body an oily type substance which is really a powerful molecular hyper acid, so powerful that it can melt almost anything. This acid dose not affect Dissolve and in respective chemical reactions does not affect silicone based objects (like glass or sand). This usually makes Dissolve’s opponents think twice before striking him, one drop of this raw form of acid will keep melting an object for up to thirty seconds. Dissolve also has a natural ability to regenerate, if injured he will recover from his wounds in a few seconds, for bigger wounds, it will take minutes and if it’s a fatal wound hours. However Dissolve’s maniacal nature will keep him fighting even if he is nearly dead. Dissolve can also whip this acid off from his body like a spray to attack a target up to twenty feet away.

Dissolve nano-containment suit is silicone based, as are the nanos. Thus his suit is immune to his body acid. The soles of his suit are reinforced silicon and rubber, Dissolve will try his hardest to remain on his feet in a fight no matter what, if knocked down he must turn his suit from the “opened” option to the “closed” option less he dissolves his way into the ground with no way to escape.

Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 180 lbs.
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Race: Engineered Human
Hair Color: None
Eye Color: Brown
Blood Type: Unknown

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