When CR-Tech started their Bio-Weapons program, they genetically engineered five embryos, the first was twisted, and Dissolve was created, next came Amp, and H-Bomb, then Kryos, but the CR-Tech scientist were not prepared when they found that the fifth embryo had divided into twin fetus. Hellfire was the first, Fyrebird was the second. Fyrebird is as successful as Kryos, yet has a near free will of her own, she chose to remain in CR-Tech’s ranks due to the fact that she sees them as the creators of her existence.

Special Abilities
Fyrebird has the ability to manipulate fire as well as project flames from her hands and body. In this respect she is also immune to fire and heat and can easily withstand walking through volcanic lava as if it were a warm shower. Her body temperature is usually anywhere between one hundred to a hundred and ten for her to stay comfortable. Fyrebird may voluntarily lower her temperature to ninety one degrees Fahrenheit but in doing so she feels cold and sluggish. When she is in combat she tends to project ever so slightly visible sphere of heat around her, this effect is like the heat seen coming off a road in hot weather. This sphere can melt asphalt, and make bullets vaporize before they can even reach her, also this gives her a limited form of resistance against energy attacks and cold attacks. Her flames can be projected up to two hundred yards away is she so wishes, and she can make shapes from file such as circles, crisscrossing cages, and even melee weapons of fire that she can use to attack. She may also ride on thermal updrafts giving her a limited, yet clumsy sort of flight. The maximum speed she can reach is sixty miles per hour. Fyrebird has one more ability that is used only in a desperate situation, her “Inferno Eruption” a one hundred foot circumference sphere of fire, that is as hotter than the center of a dying star. If she so chooses to use this power, she will collapse unconscious and will be powerless for the next two to three days.

Fyrebird wears a molecular-fabric suit, which adjusts to her powers over fire providing her with clothes that don’t burn off.

Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 130 lbs.
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Race: Engineered Human
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Green
Blood Type: B+

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