Gethern The Godslayer

Among all the lesser cosmic beings none were given such a task as Gethren. He was to be the enforcer of the cosmic will, and as such was given an empowered axe. However Gethren’s time as a being of justice was numbered, and that day of reckoning came when he encountered Demon Raol. He intended to destroy Raol just as he had countless malignant beings before him, but Raol was too crafty. Instead he challenged Gethren to a contest of power, Raol would give Gethren a single undefended strike against him. The other side of the deal was that if Gethren could not destroy Raol in a single strike, Gethren would serve Raol till the end of time. Gethren accepted the challenge and struck Raol with his axe, but Raol’s powers and trickery prevented the strike from even touching him, but it was true that Raol had fabricated this trickery before the deal and was undefended. As such Gethren now serves Raol in whatever capacity is seen fit by his new master, he is now an enforcer of death controlled by a truly diabolic lord.

Special Abilities
Gethren is a powerful being, his strength is so great that, if he wished it, he could shatter a small planet the size of Pluto. His other powers include the ability to summon up what he calls cosmic fire. This fire blazes with the intensity of the core of the sun and can be concentrated by Gethren into a shield or a beam to strike at foes from a distance. Also being a Cosmic being Gethren has hyper-luminescent flight, the ability to travel between dimensions, the ability to teleport limited distances as well as survive in the vacuum of space or pressures of the ocean for indefinite periods of time. He is also skilled in hand to hand combat and is a master at wielding his axe.

Gethren wears cosmic forged armor that is nearly impervious and only very few things have ever penetrated his armored suit, it resists all types of damage, heat cold, physical, even acidic. If the suit is damaged it will repair itself after a single day Gethren has gone through the heart of a star without ill effect while wearing his armor. Gethren also holds the “Equinox Halberd” a giant axe that is fifteen feet tall and is neigh indestructible. This axe is double bladed and has the special ability to “nullify” an opponents powers, no matter if the person was enhanced, or possessed abilities via a powered armor, or by magical means the axe with the pommel set in the ground will render his opponent virtually helpless. Only if the being’s power is of a naturally occurring nature may they resist the effects of the axe. Gethren is also very proficient in it’s use and to subdue his opponents will sometimes hit then with the flat of the blade if he feels that he need not kill them or if not ordered to kill by Demon Raol.

Height: 12' 6"
Weight: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Race: Dimensional Being
Hair Color: Unknown
Eye Color: Red
Blood Type: Unknown

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