The powerful beings known as the Cosmic Striders, mysterious, enigmatic, and nearly omnipotent, these beings oversee many things that go on with the universe. They take orders from a higher power though, for they are only agents that do the bidding of the All Father. Gumora was part of a group of Cosmic Striders that were charged with taking dying stars, planets and other such cosmic junk, and turning them over to the rebirthing order. Then for some reason one of thier number went insane, he called himself Oblivion and instead of just destroying dying stars, and planets, he began destroying eveything that got in his way. Secretly Oblivion had been capturing small bits of power and adding them to his own, and now decided that he needed more power to fuel him, so that he could overthrow the All Father. Other cosmic striders banded togeather to stop him, but ultimately in the end after the destruction of all but a handful of Cosmic Striders, Oblivion was defeated by Gumora, who being truely immortal released all her power to defeat him. Oblivion though was not content to let Gumora just sacrifice her essence to destroy him, for he had much more power than had been anticipated. Instead Oblivion corrupted Gumora's essence as it reformed, and now Gumora returned to the universe as an agent of Oblivion.

Special Abilities
Gumora is immortal, her life force cannot be extinguished, yet it was altered and corrupted by Oblivion. She has a tainted version of her former powers, she can summon up storms when on a planet with an atmosphere. She can survive in space without food, water, or air for an infinite time period. She can command lightning to strike an opponent, as well as make cutting whirlwinds of freezing particles. Gumora is highly resistant to all damage having walked flown through the center of a sun. She is not absolutely invulnerable though. Finally Gumora can generate energy projectiles from her hands, in respective power she also may fly by means of a pair of large wings that seem to be made of blackened feathers and glow with a eerie light. This mode of flight is hyper-luminous, and does not require her to “Flap” her wings. She may will these wings to vanish at will.

Gumora carries with her at all times a spike headed mace is forged of an indestructible substance, she uses this mace to attack, or she may strike the ground causing an earth tremor within twenty feet of her. She may also throw this mace a distance of three hundred feet, and may also recall it to her hands when she wills it. Also Gumora carries a large sword as well that she never seems to use. In reality she has used this sword only once, and that was to defeat Oblivion. It seems that the sword strapped to her back is not hers, and cannot currently be used by her anymore, whoever owned the sword before remains a mystery. She may unsheathe the sword but cannot strike with it.

Height: 8' 0"
Weight: 450 lbs.
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Race: Dimensional Being
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Green
Blood Type: Unknown

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