H-Bomb was not really born a human at all, in fact he is a genetic bio-weapon designed by CR-Tech. His origin is a mystery to him, H-Bomb himself thinks that he was born with his extraordinary abilities, but each night he has more and more vivid dreams of men in white lab coats, as well as things that slice, cut, stab, and saw. This only serves to reinforce his loyalty to CR-Tech, which he believes have the answers to his dreams.

Special Abilities
H-Bomb is a living atomic reactor, although his code name suggests hydrogen, his body radiates and absorbs radiation. H-Bomb can use this stored radiation in numerous fashions. First of all he can create a field of radioactive particles around him in effect forming a shield. This shield can dampen energy, heat, and cold, and can even to some degree stop incoming physical objects. H-Bomb usually causes any minor plant and animal life within ten feet of him to die in a horrible burning death. H-Bomb thrives on radiation and can go without eating for a limitless amount of time, usually he’ll spend one or two hours in the sunlight to absorb UV rays to sustain him. H-Bomb can also release his energy in the form of focused radioactive blasts. Anything from, microwaves, to gamma waves, to x-ray. H-Bomb can use this to weaken in opponent or outright kill them if he feels necessary. H-Bomb will also on occasion (but not frequently) try to find places like power plants where he can absorb a tremendous dose of radiation. When H-Bomb absorbs enough radiation he can use that stored energy to make himself physically stronger and faster, as well as emit radioactive pulses that allow him to fly.

H-Bomb wears a special nano-containment suit, which is designed to act like a high caliber radiation suit to keep CR-Tech agents from getting radiation sickness (or dying) when around H-Bomb. However, this suit is controlled by H-bomb, and when he sets the nanos to “open” mode he can then unleash the radiation stored in his body.

Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 190 lbs.
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Race: Engineered Human
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Green
Blood Type: Unknown

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