Legion Extreme headquarters is a state of the art advanced facility, the main building known as Legion Tower stands in the center of this metropolis. From this building is a web of smaller command posts from which Legion Extreme operates. The current command post they have chosen is called "Bunker X-Ray". Bunker X-Ray has all the standard workings of a credible facility, and more.

This entranceway into Bunker X-Ray is equipped with a tele-pad that can transport members in and out of the base. It has a standard reception area, and once in a while someone might be on reception duty if they are expecting visitors.

Conference Room
One of the most impressive areas is the conference room, meant to brief members on special situations that arise, as well as giving a briefing for any standard mission. This room is equipped with a large table that can holographicly project a three dimensional slideshow for the members.

Medical Bay
The medical bay has the very basic of things to administer medical help; it has scanners as well as an examination table. The item that is really useful is the tele-retrieval medical unit allowing people to get back to duty much quicker after injury

Teleporter Room
The teleporter room lets Legion Extreme personnel access many places when they have to quickly deploy to the scene of an incident, also it helps to kept the tele-retrieval unit calibrated.

The Workshop is where many inventions come from; many theories are tested and proven in this facility. It's all a matter of getting the right parts together to create what you need.

Generator Room
This is where the base stocks it's power source from, it's a mini-fusion generator that powers most of the base.

Recreational Room
This room is where agents can go to relax and take a break, either by reading or by watching the television, or even having a drink at the bar. It even has a vast library for study and research.

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