Imp is one of those beings that was lost in time and the mist of historic obscurity. He was hailed by many as a bringer of death. Sealed off in a cavern until recently Imp, as he calls himself, has been the foundation for legends such as gremlins, leprechauns, and goblins. Imp is a lesser dimensional being, preferring to work from the shadows, and let his pawns to the dirty work. He has abilities which make him difficult to defeat, but one thing is for certain that is holy objects tend to repulse him.

Special Abilities
Imp is always on defense, letting his minions do his fighting for him, thus he spends his time teleporting, becoming intangible, and floating around out of reach of melee attacks. He is immortal as far as age goes being around since Demon Raol’s existence. Imp tends to use his powers of illusion to fool his opponents, he’ll toy with them endlessly till they wish for death.

Imp is in possession of a Pouch of Omni-Power which he keeps closely guarded. Inside this pouch is a sand like substance that never seems to run out. When imp grabs a handful of this sand he can cause several effects. The known effects are; Paralysis (short duration), cause malignant intent in a person, summon up undead skeletons, sleeping dust, create a slicing whirlwind of sand, and strike a target with lightning. His other effects that he may cause with this pouch are unknown, but it is assumed that he can do more than just the above listed abilities with this pouch.

Height: 3' 4"
Weight: 60 lbs.
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Race: Dimensional Being
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: White
Blood Type: Unknown

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